April 2017 Newsletter

The Eure River, France. Photo taken by reader Annie Mannering who spent some time in Paris last fall.

The Eure River, France. Photo taken by reader Annie Mannering who spent some time in Paris last fall.

Whether you have an affinity for bright blue Caribbean waters or you prefer the hues and smells of the Asian rainforest, you cannot deny our own Rocky Mountain backyard makes for a beautiful backdrop too. We’re kicking off April’s Wander’s Wednesdays at 7pm on the 5th with the show “Hiking Colorado” with a local Boulder author, celebrating the gems to be found in our own state. With summer already on its way, you don’t want to miss this show.

We also have another Packing Light Clinic on April 12th at 7pm. If you’ve never managed to join us for one of these fun and informational clinics, now is the time! From packing methods, trip safety, to airline restrictions and everything in between, we’ll do our best to help your trip remain hassle free, exactly the way a good vacation should be.

To match the recent, cheery weather our store is filling up with the bright, stylish, and functional clothing of our favorite spring collections. Come in and check out the newest styles and colors of 2017 while we still have your size!


Upcoming Travel Shows

Wanderer’s Wednesdays are held in the evenings at 7pm and are free!

April 5th (7pm - 8pm) – Hiking Colorado

As world travelers, we love heading off to distant lands to see new sites, explore new cultures, and experience the many rewards of foreign travel.  As Colorado residents, we also have a wonderful world to explore right here in our own backyard!  If you enjoy walking around gawking at beautiful scenery without having to hop on an airplane, this show is for you.  Come and discover more of the terrain and geography of our own colorful state in the majestic Rocky Mountains.  We'll take a look at some nearby trails along the Front Range and venture out to Colorado's other mountain ranges, and even the eastern plains.  You'll be inspired to grab your hiking shoes and daypack and head out to new adventures on the fantastic trails that we are so fortunate to have so close to home.

April 12th (7pm - 8pm) – Packing Light Clinic

Do you have a fun trip coming up? Have you never quite tackled the task of effective packing?   Join us in this fun and informational clinic on how to consolidate your trip essentials. Learning how to pack light helps to reduce unnecessary stress and really can make your trip more enjoyable!  We’ll teach you about packable fabrics, different packing methods, and travel accessories that make all the difference. Whether you’ll be traveling for a week or several months, you can learn how to pack everything you need in one convenient and organized suitcase.

April 19th (7pm - 8pm) – The Swiss Alps: Berner Overland & The Haute Route

Come visit some of the most iconic mountains in Europe. You don’t have to be a technical climber to enjoy the magnificent Swiss Alps. We will begin this journey with some easy day hikes near the famous Eiger and Jungfrau mountains in the Berner Overland, and finish with a two-week trek on the “Haute Route” from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn. This is a trip for those who love charming alpine meadows and villages settled below some of the earth’s most magnificent peaks and glaciers.

April 26th (7pm - 8pm) – Exploring Sicily, Italy



Sicily, the largest Mediterranean Sea Island, sports a history of 4,000 years and is a melting pot of cultures given its central position as a crossroad of trade between Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Sicily’s image as the headquarters of the Mafia is belied by the friendliness of people, the great food from pasta, pizza and sea food. Do not underestimate the Gelato (Oh my gosh!).

The topography is varied with wonderful sparkling blue waters and beaches, hikes to ‘Etna’ the still active volcano, medieval mountain-top towns, and appealing cities. We found wonderful places to stay with helpful, delightful staff. The sun, soil, and periodic volcanic enrichment produce world class fruits, lemons and veggies.

For more information and updates on our travel shows visit www.cil.com/travelshows/

Product of the Month – Accessories!

This month we’re all about accessories – dress up your current style for a new look. From beautiful hand crafted German scarves to pendants and earrings handmade and designed by a local Colorado artist, we have a many unique, one-of-a-kind items to beautify and enhance your favorite outfits.

Travel Tip of the Month

We are hearing increasingly frequently that many of you are now renting your own cars (and motorcycles!) and going on fantastic trips in other countries. Here is a list of tips we compiled to aid you on these sorts of journeys.

  • Before you go, make your own cheat sheet for the local signs and the local road rules! Writing them out will help consolidate the information in your memory.
  • Purchase a guidebook for car tripping. These days companies are making books tailored towards the most fantastic road trips out these. These books can hold important information about service options, phone numbers, and weird local roads, as well as fantastic maps.
  • If you agreed to bring your rental car back with a full tank of gas, fill up near the airport (or wherever you may be returning the car) and keep the receipt, even if they say it isn’t necessary. This comes in handy should you need to dispute any fees.
  • Remember, your phone or a physical map work just as well as a GPS.
  • Take pictures of your rental from all angles before you even leave the lot. This way you can be sure about scratches that were already there before you came along.
  • Be wary of toll roads with electronic passes – often once you’ve gone through one of these, the technology becomes activated and the company will charge you daily for the feature, even if you aren’t using it daily. And sometimes these fees are additional to the actual toll – so look out!

 Where in the World?

 Can you guess this location? Email us your answer to adventure@cil.com for a chance to win a Changes in Latitude Gift Certificate!

Hint:  This railroad opened in 1881 and is still in operation. It spans just over 45 miles and should look familiar to a few of you!

Last Month’s Answer & Winner:  The March photo was of the Grand Canal, Dublin, Ireland, photo courtesy of Giuseppe Milo. We had a few correct responses to this one, so many thanks to all who participated. The randomly selected winner this month is Phil R. Congratulations, Phil, for winning the Changes in Latitude Gift Certificate!

CIL "Local Faces Around the World" Contest
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Paul p. enjoying machu picchu.

Paul p. enjoying machu picchu.

Photo Submissions *NEW!*

Are you always the one with a camera in your hand on your voyages? We are searching for local photographers to feature in our newsletter. Whether you are a pro with a website or a dabbler with a smartphone, send us your best travel photos at adventure@cil.com. With your permission, we would love to feature your photo, credit you, and link to your website, should you be interested!

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