5 Reasons We Love Icebreaker Merino Wool Clothing

Our spring clothing shipments are steadily arriving, and we have recently received a vibrant collection of one of our favorite lines, Icebreaker. This brand specializes in functional and stylish merino wool clothing that is supremely designed with travelers in mind. Here's five reasons why we love Icebreaker clothing!

1. Feels soft, silky, and  comfortable. Merino wool isn't like regular wool. The sheep are raised at high altitudes so their wool grows in long, soft strands. Woven together, the long strands create soft, silky garments that are never itchy!

2. Keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. Because Merino sheep live at high elevations, they have evolved to have wool that keeps them warm in the harsh, chilly winters and cool during the hot, dry summers. The wool comprising each Icebreaker garment does the same things for the person who wears it, which makes it great for layering and traveling. 

4. Easy to care for. Almost all of the Icebreaker garments are machine washable. It's recommended that you hang dry your Icebreaker garments to prevent shrinking, but you'll find that merino wool dries in a matter of hours, even in humidity. If you're on the road and need to hand wash your garment you'll appreciate the quick-drying feature!

5. It never smells. Merino wool fibers develop in such a way that the bacteria which cause body odor will not stick to the fabric. As a result, you can wear your garments over and over with out needing to wash them. You may smell, but your garment won't! It's the perfect fabric for camping and travel!

6. Looks great! From T-shirts and jackets to sundresses and skirts, Icebreaker clothing is beautifully designed with exciting colors and fashionable styles. At Changes in Latitude we have Icebreaker merino wool for any occasion!