Guidebooks vs. the Interent

Seth Kugel recently published an article in the New York Times about the debate between good old-fashioned books and the internet to do your pre-trip research. The consensus may shock you! As we all know, the internet instantly offers access tons of information on any subject, and though hard copy books may seem passé and heavy, they still provide accurate and valuable information. Kugel’s article concludes that guidebooks beat out the internet in three crucial categories.  

  •  Maps. The internet maps just don’t compare! Besides, with a trusty hard copy map you'll never have to worry about having 3G access or running down your phone battery!
  • Ease and quality of information. In order to find what you want to on the internet, you have to know what you are looking for. Guide books give you information that you don’t even know you need to know.
  • Convenience. With a book, your entire research is in one place, rather than strewn about on multiple print outs, screen shots, and phone applications. 

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Reference: Kugel, S. (2013, December 29). Planning a trip: guidebook versus the net. The New York Times, p. TR 2.