RFID: What Traveler's Need to Know

Never heard of RFID? It stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Passports (issued after 2007) and credit cards now have these chips in them. This is good news for big box stores because they are able to quickly process credit card information and get people through check- out efficiently. The down side (with the advent of smart phones) is that there are applications  that enable thieves to steal your personal information through your purse and/ or wallets. Unfortunately, if thieves capture valuable information, like your name and credit card number, they are able to steal your identity and open credit cards in your name. The good news is that at Changes in Latitude we carry a variety of products designed to protect your personal information! We sell everything from wallets and purses to undercover money belts that have RFID protection built in. If you’re attached to a wallet that you already own, we have simple sleeves that can slide over your card and can easily slip into any wallet!

Look out for these symbols and come see us for more information and help in picking out the right product for your needs!