Bugs and Immunizations

Traveling often entails exciting adventures, but amidst the excitement of planning for a trip it's easy to take your health for granted. If you're planning a trip abroad it's important to consider potential health risks you may face. Plan ahead and talk to your doctor. Here are a few important points to consider:

1. Vaccinations. It's important to ensure that your vaccinations are up to date. Make an appointment at your travel clinic as soon as you begin planning your trip so you have time to get any vaccinations you may need!

2. Mosquitos. Not only are these bugs pesky, but carry deadly diseases. When traveling, remember to protect yourself. If you're looking for a chemical repellant, try Ultrathon. This highly recommended brand of insect repellant contains 34% deet, and the chemicals are immersed in a lotion so they don't seep directly into your blood stream. Ultrathon also comes in a carry-on sized bottle for easy transport. An alternative to deet based repellant is protective clothing. Exofficio has a line of clothing infused with permethrin which is invisible and odorless. The best part about permethrin clothing is that it can protect you from mosquitos, ticks, ants, and flies for up to 70 washings. If you prefer a more natural way of keeping away the bugs, we carry a great product called Bug Patches. These patches stick directly on your skin and stay there for about two days. The patches cause your body to produce more B1 Thiamin which is a natural insect repellent. We also carry Bug Bracelets that have geranium oil in them and last for 120 hours. 

3. Malaria. Unfortunately, this mosquito-borne disease is quite common in many popular travel destinations. If you're planning a trip to a place where you may encounter malaria you may need to take more precautions than just deet repellant or protective clothing. Make an appointment with your doctor so that you can obtain preventative medicines. 

All of these products are available in our store, so if you have any questions, stop in and we'll help you choose a bug protection to suit your travels!