February 2018!


February,the month of cupid. 

Looking for a little something for your sweetheart?  We have great gift ideas and this is the month that begins the new season of new fashion lines with new products, and established lines with new products. Come in a check them out!

Spring break is only a couple months away, if you haven’t already planned a trip, this is a perfect time to start. Join us for our “Wanders Wednesday” travel shows to hear about and view the wonderful trips your fellow travelers and Changes in Latitude employees have taken.

 Attn: Sympli Fans! Don’t forget to come to our Sympli Trunk show March 3rd, 2018 @ 10:00am – 5:00pm!




Windmill in Holland, Photo by Stephanie Hartman


Upcoming “Wandering Wednesday” Travel Shows

(All shows start at 7:00pm and are FREE of charge unless noted otherwise)


February 7th: Beautiful Brazil


In Brazil you can experience several world wonders in one country…..from the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro (which was voted one of the new seven wonders of the world), to the incredible Iguazu Falls in the south.  In the north you can travel down the mighty Amazon River, or see the historic colonial center of Olinda on the coast.  The program ends with a visit to the islands of Fernando de Noronha and the Baia do Sancho Beach, voted the number one beach in the world by Trip Advisor.


February 14th: Wandering in England


Spring is a wonderful time of the year in England, (well, except for the rain and wind). The countryside is even greener than usual, wildflowers bloom in the fields and woods, and the glorious landscape gardens are at their best. Join Pat Carney and Charlie Anderson for a short tour of castles and estates, cliff-side walks, valley farms and high windswept moors


February 21st: Travel with us on a Barge Trip in Holland


Curious to know how we survived?  Come to see the “Holland By Boat” slide show to find out.  Despite almost losing THE map (now, that’s a story!!), we successfully navigated the canals in northern Holland.  Please join us on this Fantastic Trip!

February 28th: Spring Break- no show. 


Products of the Month – 


hats 2018.jpg


Brand new to the store this month are gorgeous hats and scarfs from various brands that will assure you’re both stylish and protected by the sun whether you are traveling to a sunshine destination or sticking around in sunny Boulder. 

hats feb 2018.jpg

These hats have a SPF 50+ to help guard you from the sun while you’re basking away, and let’s be honest, they’re extremely hip.

scarfs feb 2018.jpg


 Another way to protect your skin is by using a scarf. In store we have an abundance of brand-new scarfs hand selected by the owner of Changes in Latitude. 




 ??Where in the World?? 

fiji feb 2018.jpg


Can you guess this location? Email us your answer to adventure@cil.com for a chance to win a Changes in Latitude Gift Certificate!


Hint: Can you guess in which cherry blossomed bedecked Asian country this iconic active volcano is located? Bonus credit if you can name the volcano too!


Last Month’s Answer & Winner:  The January photo was of the the Beautiful Botanical gardens in Maderia, Portugal. Thank you for all the participants who sent in their best guesses to this “Where in the World” posting.  Give this month another go and win a $10.00 Changes in Latitude Certificate!




Travel Tip of the Month!

Booking Hotels Online

Everyday more travelers are choosing to book their hotels online themselves rather than hire a travel agent, if this is you, listen up. 

From our favorite travel books, Lonely Planet, here are a few tips. ——

  • “Book Early” - it has been said that hotel rooms are released to the public roughly 18 months in advance and typically this is when you will get the best offer. Planning ahead never hurt anyone! 
  • “Look for features, not stars” - People are usually attracted to the number of stars a hotel has. Instead of jumping for the high rated place, read the reviews of a lesser rated hotel in the area. You’ll save money and you may be pleasantly surprised with what you find.
  • “Book your flight and hotel together”- By booking your flight and hotel together, you are allowing yourself to find “great value deals” since you are already planning ahead. 
  • “Avoid peak times”- You’ll find that Fridays and Saturdays are typically the more popular days, flights work the same way. By avoiding these days and booking a flight or hotel on an “off” day you’ll be sure to find a cheaper option. 



CIL Local “Faces around the World” Contest

ed schmahl.jpg


Ed Schmahl, snorkeling on Po’ipu Beach in Kauai, Hawaii

March, 2015

Photo Credit: Beth Schmahl



Take a picture of yourself wearing a Changes in Latitude hat anywhere in the world and submit it to adventure@cil.com for a chance to win! Each month we will draw a winner from the monthly submissions and YOU can win a Changes in Latitude Large Cube in any color you choose! With your permission, we will add the picture and description to our new website under “CIL Faces Around the World.” Join in the fun!


Photo Submissions

Are you always the one with a camera in your hand on your voyages? We are searching for local photographers to feature in our newsletter. Whether you are a pro with a website or a dabbler with a smartphone, send us your best travel photos at adventure@cil.com. With your permission, we would love to feature your photo, credit you, and link to your website, should you be interested!

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