Transportation Security Administration   -  This is the official web site for the Transportation Security Administration.  It provides travelers with information about the security procedures and regulations enforced at U.S. airports.  This includes the latest list of prohibited and permitted carry-on items and information on checked baggage screening.

Air Traffic Control System Command Center   -  This is one of the web sites for the Federal Aviation Administration.  It provides travelers with information about the status of flight delays at most of the major airports in the United States.   You can also register to automatically receive e-mails about the status at specific airports.

Denver International Airport   -  This is the web site for Denver International Airport.  It provides information about the security procedures at DIA, information about arriving/departing flights, concourse maps, flight schedules (updated every 24 hours), parking information, local weather and traveler's tips.

Other U.S. & World Airports   -  This is the QuickAid Airport Directory that lists most of the major airports in the United States.  For each of the airports listed, there is information about nearby hotels, parking, flight info, airport transportation, terminal maps and a link to the official airport web site.

Flight Arrival/Departure Information   -  This is another site that allows you to check the flight status of just about any flight from any airline, though this is not an official government site.  You can also check on delays and weather at 71 of the major U.S. airports.

U.S. Federal Aviation Administration   -  This is the main Federal Aviation Administration web site.  It provides information on airline safety statistics, airline on-time statistics, aircraft info and official federal regulations for all areas related to aviation.  You can also report air travel service problems.  It is a large site with numerous links and lots of information.

Seat Guru   -  This website makes suggestions on which seats to request when making airline/seat reservations.  Find out what type of aircraft you'll be flying on and look up the good and bad seats.  Seating layouts for most commercial aircraft currently in service.


U.S. State Department   -  This is the U.S. State Department's web site for the Bureau of Consular Affairs.  It contains extensive information about their services for U.S. citizens traveling overseas, including passport information, printable passport applications, visa requirements, travel warnings, consular information sheets, lists of hospitals and doctors abroad, lists of lawyers abroad, tips for American students abroad and other travel publications and information.

U.S. Customs Service   -  This is the U.S.Custom Services' web site.  On this web site, you can find the latest news about changes in customs regulations, customs alerts and all of the procedures, rules and regulations that you need to know when entering and exiting the United States.  It also contains a listing of all of the U.S. Customs office locations around the country.

Travel Documents   -  This is a web site for a commercial travel document service.  It provides visa information and entry requirements for most foreign countries.  There are also many printable visa applications that can be downloaded from this site. (This is not a recommendation of their services by Changes In Latitude and any visa/entry requirements should be confirmed.)


Center for Disease Control & Prevention   -  This is the Traveler's Health web site of the U.S. government's Center for Disease Control & Prevention.  It contains extensive information about healthy traveling, such as health information about specific destinations, outbreaks of concern to travelers, diseases that can affect travelers, vaccination recommendations for travelers of all ages, how to avoid illness from food and water, tips on traveling with children, health information about specific cruise ships, and much more.

International Red Cross   -  This site contains information about any disease outbreaks and any mass refugee movements that may follow regional crises; areas that you may want to avoid.

U.S. State Department   -  This is the U.S. State Department's web site for the Bureau of Consular Affairs.  In addition to travel document information, it also contains travel warnings by country, lists of hospitals and doctors abroad, lists of lawyers abroad, and other travel publications and information.

British Foreign Affairs   -  This is the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office's web site.  It often contains more detailed travel information, advice and travel warnings than its U.S. counterpart for people traveling overseas.  It includes any terrorism risks and country specific travel advice of which they are aware.

Australian Foreign Affairs   -  This is the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs' web site.  Another site that sometimes contains more detailed travel information, travel warnings and the late-breaking travel bulletins than its U.S. counterpart for people traveling overseas.

Overseas Security Advisory Council   -  This site is often used by students and overseas workers to check for any embassy warnings or any "trigger dates" which may mean potential trouble or instability in the areas they will be traveling.  Anniversaries of past uprisings, etc. are possible dates when trouble may often occur and are listed as "Dates To Watch".

Embassies Worldwide   -  This site contains information about embassies in countries all around the world.


World Weather   -  This site also provides weather information for both the United States and overseas.  It is The Weather Channel's website.  It loads a little slow, but provides weather for anywhere in the world.  Just enter the name of the city for which you are interested.  The top weather stories are covered, as well. 

Exchange Rates   -  This site provides information on current exchange rates for the most popular world currencies.  The main page displays a table of exchange rates between the U.S. Dollar, the Euro and several other popular curencies.  There is also a currency converter to enter in a base currency and an exchange amount, click on the "convert" button and the table will be updated with the converted amount in the listed currency.

World Factbook   -  This site, maintained by the Central Intelligence Agency, provides general information on every foreign country.  You can research any country you are going to visit to find out about language, population, religion, climate and other useful information.

ATM Locator   -  This site allows you to search for an ATM by country, state, city or zipcode.  It shows which are available 24 hours a day, which have handicap access, which have Braille keypads and which have no surcharge fees.

Time and Date   -  Wonder what time it is in another part of the world?  This site provides the time and date for more than 100 cities worldwide.

Insure My Trip   -  Looking to purchase travel insurance for your next trip?  This site provides comparisons of travel insurance offered by fourteen different companies.

World Travel Center   -  Here is another travel insurance web site that promotes itself as a travel insurance marketplace.  You can compare travel insurance policies offered by multiple insurance companies.