January 2018!

Happy New Year!


Wooohooo! A new year, you know what that means! Time to start planning your next adventure; or if you already have one in mind, time to get excited!

If you’ve made the New Year’s resolution to travel and see more of the world, let us help you prepare for your next trip with some of the new products and aids found in our store.

There are a lot of exciting places to see and hear about to kick off 2018, so don’t forget to stay updated on our Wandering Wednesday travel shows to spark ideas for the next expedition you so rightfully deserve.


Upcoming “Wandering Wednesday” Travel Shows

(Note, on snowy days please call ahead to see if the show is still on)

January 3rd:No Show.

 Happy New Year!


January 10th: Himalaya Bound- One Family’s Quest to Save the Ancient Way of Life

Featuring remarkable images of nomadic life in the jungles and mountains of north India, author and New York Times photojournalist, Michael Benanav, invites you along on a visual journey with the Van Gujjars – a tribe of forest-dwelling nomads – as they trek with their herds of water buffaloes into the Himalayas on their annual spring migration.


January 17th: Sunny Sardinia, Italy

Visit elegant old cities with narrow cobblestone streets and crowded plazza’s, remote mountain villages once famous for bandits and now known for colorful graffiti, and amazing historical and archaeological sites that are now UNESCO World Heritage sites dating back to 1500 B.C and the Bronze Age. Then enjoy great outdoor adventures on stunning, deserted coves and ravishing sandy beaches with exquisite turquoise seas, where you can climb sea cliffs, hike, bike, and swim, and don’t forget the great Sardinian wines and amazing Italian food. Come Join Cindy and Jimbo as they explore this magical getaway island.



January 24th: How to stay Healthy when Traveling- Medical Tips for the Mature World Traveler and Adventurer


A lecture will be given by one of Boulder’s very own doctors, Patty Zishka, MD, MSPH, FAWM (fellowship academy of wilderness medicine). Patty will provide travel tips to consider to stay healthy while adventuring. Her focus will be on:  preparing medically, mentally, and physically for your upcoming trip, and the proactive prevention of common problems such as blood clots, altitude illness, malaria, and stomach bugs. She will also touch on picking travel and evacuation insurance, keeping you enthusiastic about your trip, and keeping you happy and healthy till you return home.


January 31st: Packing Light Clinic

ALWAYS think you over pack? We’re here to tell you you’re not alone. We will be holding a Packing Light Clinic given by some of our most experienced travelers who have learned the trick of the trade to packing just what you need and nothing more. We will be featuring some of the products from our store that truly make a difference to the weight and weariness of your bag. Ever thought you couldn’t travel for three weeks with just a carry-on? Think again, it’s not only possible but encouraged!


(All shows start at 7:00pm and are FREE of charge unless noted otherwise)


Products of the Month –

EPIC Reflex (Special Edition)


Flint- a revolutionary Lint Roller


epic and flint roller.png



This month we are featuring TWO NEW products to our store to make your traveling experience even more stress free!

Though many of us would love to bring our pets on trips with us, we don’t always want to bring their hair along with us too. New to the store this month is a new lint roller that comes with refills to make sure you look sharp at all times. Perfect size for traveling, this stylish roller comes in assorted colors, as well as a sophisticated metallic case! Just whip it out and roll away the lint!

Last month we featured some of EPIC’s new 4.0 GTO suitcases and this month we would like to share the same love for this awesome Swedish company and present to you their new REFLEX line, a special edition suitcase with an elegant and unique look. ----In store we carry the three standard sizes of 22”, 26”, and 30” in two different eye-catching colors, sparkly white and sparkly champagne. Both are fun and flashy, just what you need to keep track of your bag or claim it when you land. They are sooped up with all the same features as before, such as four wheels for easy cruising, a hard-protective shell casing, and a built-in TSA approved lock to assure your goods stay your goods.

Where in the World?


madiera jan 2018.jpg



Can you guess this location? Email us your answer to adventure@cil.com for a chance to win a Changes in Latitude Gift Certificate!

Hint: Filled to the brim with the most exotic flora in all Europe, this botanical garden is on  an island touching waters in the North Atlantic Ocean


Last Month’s Answer & Winner:  The December photo was of the City Palace in Seoul, South Korea. This was a tricky one, so we really appreciated all that sent in their responses. Give this month another go and win a $10.00 Changes in Latitude Certificate!

Travel Tip of the Month


Starting January 22, of 2018, flying within the United States may just get a little more complicated. A new Act has been put into place requiring travelers to bring along with them more than just the standard driver’s license. Not all states will be RealID compliant, so this is a heads up. To figure out what states are and are not compliant, a complete list can be found on dhs.gov/real-id.

Here is a partial list of acceptable forms of ID that can be used other than your driver’s license; a passport, a border ID card, a trusted traveler’s card, a RealID compliant driver’s license, or a permanent resident card.  A complete list of options one may use as a substitute for their standard driver’s license can be found by visiting tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/identification.



CIL Local “Faces around the World” Contest

jimbo madiera.jpg


Shop guy Jimbo, sipping some beer in Madeira

 November, 2017

Photo Credit: Cindy McClelland

Take a picture of yourself wearing a Changes in Latitude hat anywhere in the world and submit it to adventure@cil.com for a chance to win! Each month we will draw a winner from the monthly submissions and YOU can win a Changes in Latitude Large Cube in any color you choose! With your permission, we will add the picture and description to our new website under “CIL Faces Around the World.” Join in the fun!


Photo Submissions*NEW!*

Are you always the one with a camera in your hand on your voyages? We are searching for local photographers to feature in our newsletter. Whether you are a pro with a website or a dabbler with a smartphone, send us your best travel photos at adventure@cil.com. With your permission, we would love to feature your photo, credit you, and link to your website, should you be interested!

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