March 2017 Newsletter

This month at Changes in Latitude is an exciting one for us – and you’re most welcome to be a part of it! Our schedule is packed with some really great shows and events. To kick things off, tonight, March 1st at 7pm we have a show on playing the bagpipes across the globe including a live performance. So if you have ever wondered what it is like to play the bagpipes before mildly confused onlookers atop the Great Wall of China (OK, you probably hadn’t ever wondered that before, but I bet you are now) then come on in. And that is just the start of an excellent show lineup, keep scrolling to see our full March schedule.

Our spring clothing has been rolling in, bringing bright colors and a cheery spirit with them just in time for our Spring 2017 Sympli Trunk Show. This Friday and Saturday, Charlotte (our favorite Sympli rep!) will be here to show off Sympli’s elegant and traveler-friendly collection and the newest 2017 colors, including a gorgeous shade of turquoise. So come by for refreshments, deals, and a chance to shop exclusive styles. More details here.

Additionally, if you missed our last Packing Light Clinic, never fear! Next Wednesday night at 7pm, on March 8th, we will be having another. We tell you about the latest travel gadgets and gear, share our best packing tips, and help you navigate the maze of practicalities that come with travel.

Photo Submissions *NEW*

Are you always the one with a camera in your hand on your voyages? We are searching for local photographers to feature in our newsletter. Whether you are a pro with a website or a dabbler with a smartphone, send us your best travel photos at With your permission, we would love to feature your photo, credit you, and link to your website, should you be interested!

Travel Shows

Wanderer’s Wednesdays are held in the evenings at 7pm and are free!

March 1st (7pm - 8pm) – Tales of the Wandering Bagpiper

How does it feel to play the bagpipes on the summit of Mt. Fuji? Or march with the riotous skirl of 10,000 bagpipers through the streets of Edinburgh in the 2000 Millennium parade? What is it like to serenade mystified onlookers with bagpipe tunes on the Great Wall of China? And who are these strange folk who don woolly kilts and funny shoes to partake of this ancient musical rite? Come learn the answers from author Susan Planck herself! We will even get the chance to hear her play – a Changes in Latitude first!

March 8th (7pm – 8pm) – Packing Light Clinic

Do you have a fun trip coming up? Have you never quite tackled the task of effective packing?   Join us in this fun and informational clinic on how to consolidate your trip essentials. Learning how to pack light helps to reduce unnecessary stress and really can make your trip more enjoyable!  We’ll teach you about packable fabrics, different packing methods, and travel accessories that make all the difference. Whether you’ll be traveling for a week or several months, you can learn how to pack everything you need in one convenient and organized suitcase.

March 15th (7pm - 8pm) – Japan: From Monks to Monkeys

Japan is a must see and you should consider a visit to this wonderful country as a strong candidate for your bucket list. Japan is rich in Asian culture, has great cuisine, and Japanese hospitality is second to none. In April 2016, Stan Havlick and his wife Margaret, hopped on a Dreamliner flight to catch the height of the spring cherry blossoms. Photos and topics discussed include the Imperial Park, the Geisha District, the Philosophers Walk in Kyoto, unique lodging in a Koyasan Shukubo Buddhist Temple, and a sobering visit to the Palace Memorial Park in Hiroshima. On a lighter note, you will enjoy our visit to a traditional Royokan, the Wild Snow Monkeys of Nagano, the Shinto Shrine World Heritage Site on the Island of Mojajima, a Sumidagawa River cruise, the famous National Museum, and a few special highlights of Tokyo. Stan, who has lived and traveled on all seven continents, will also devote a portion of his program to answering your questions about the wonderful world of travel.

March 22nd – Walking the Jurassic Coast and Cotswold Way, England

England’s national trail system features well-maintained, way-marked, long-distance trails of varying lengths through a variety of landscapes. These hikes are ideal for walkers that prefer the convenience of carrying only a day-pack and staying in B&Bs. They also provide great day hikes for anyone who is touring to see the landscapes and historic sites of Great Britain. In this show, we will visit castles, picturesque villages, Neolithic burial mounds and world-class gardens as we walk through the pastoral landscapes of the Cotswolds and the dramatic scenery of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage site.

March 29th – Spring Break! No Show.

For more information and updates on our travel shows visit

Product of the Month - BugsAway® Bandanas                                                        

exo band.jpg

We think many of you will be happy to hear we have Exofficio BugsAway® Bandanas back in stock. One of their most popular Insect Shield accessories, it effectively repels ticks, mosquitoes, ants, flies, chiggers, midges, and more. Whether you’re hiking in our beautiful home state or some distant jungle, these handy little bandanas offer a welcome reprieve from the sun and bugs. Now available in four colors.

Packing Tip of the Month

Have you heard about United’s new air fare option? They’re calling it the “basic economy” fare and it sounds great for the budget traveler, offering the lowest prices for seats on a specific flight. This gives you the perfect excuse to splurge on that lobster dinner in Argentina or those handsome boots in Italy. However, be warned! The basic economy fare comes with some tough restrictions. Among them is the inability to pick your seat (hello, middle seat at the back of the plane), a hefty reduction in your carry-on allowance (only one personal item that would fit beneath the seat in front of you, think backpack or laptop instead of a wheeled carry-on) and group seating is unavailable.  So be aware if you’re eyeing one of these tickets, and check out their full set of restrictions here.

Where in the World

 Can you guess this location? Email us your answer to for a chance to win a Changes in Latitude Gift Certificate!

Photo by  Giuseppe Milo

Photo by Giuseppe Milo

Hint:  Our clue for this one is in the color and the month. Good luck!

 Last Month’s Answer & Winner:  The February photo was of Half Dome, Yosemite, California. We had an overwhelming number of correct responses to this one, so many thanks to all who participated and sorry there can only be one winner! The randomly selected winner this month is Kathy B.  Congratulations, Kathy, for winning the Changes in Latitude Gift Certificate!

CIL Local "Faces Around the World" Contest

Hiking the peaks out in argentina

Hiking the peaks out in argentina

 Take a picture of yourself wearing a Changes in Latitude hat anywhere in the world and submit it to for a chance to win! Each month we will draw a winner from the monthly submissions and can win a Changes in Latitude Packing Cube set in any color combination you want! With your permission, we will add the picture and description to our new website under “CIL Faces Around the World.” Join in the fun!

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