November 2016 Newsletter

Night view from Mount Floyen  by  Sergey Ashmarin  licensed under  CC BY-SA 3.0  . The city is surrounded by mountains and therefore known as the city of seven mountains.

Night view from Mount Floyen by Sergey Ashmarin licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 . The city is surrounded by mountains and therefore known as the city of seven mountains.

Winter is falling upon us in the Northern Hemisphere – time to run off to warmer climates! Although some destinations are definitely still beautiful this time of year and some are even more transformed and spectacular – for example, Iceland, which we have a great show about on the 16th (scroll down for the details). But no matter what climate you're traveling to, we carry clothing for all seasons. So come by and see what great travel gear you can add to your collection.

Upcoming Travel Shows

Please NOTE:  Beginning this fall, travel shows will now be hosted on WEDNESDAY evenings! Shows begin at 7pm and are free.

November 2nd – No Show

November 9th – No Show

November 16th – Winter in Iceland – Again!

Yes, again.  In 2014 Charlie Anderson ventured to Iceland in February and presented a show at Changes in Latitude.  This last winter he returned to that (still) cold, wet, and windy island, spending a couple of weeks in the less-visited Eastern Fjords.  You may think he’s nuts, but come to this new show and see why the amazing scenery is worth braving the winter weather.  We’ll hike to glaciers and waterfalls, view icy rivers and windy seacoast, and put on crampons to see nature’s ice sculptures up close.  We’ll visit quaint villages and desolate lava fields, and even see some northern lights.

November 23rd – No Show and Happy Thanksgiving!

November 30th – Indescribable Peru: Lima, the Amazon, and the Highlands

How do you describe a country as diverse and contradictory as Peru?  We'll tour the coastal city of Lima, with its colonial Spanish architecture, before moving to the upper Amazon basin to spend some time in a primitive jungle setting.  From there, we'll travel to the highlands, where the Inca culture still dominates, and explore magnificent Machu Picchu, the crown jewel of Incan archaeology.  Our final destination will be Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world at 12,500 ft., where we'll visit the indigenous Peruvians who live on floating islands made of reeds

December 7th – Hiking the Dolomites in Italy

Charming villages and farms, mountain huts (“refugi”) with breathtaking views, and beautiful old cities, all woven within a network of trails, await visitors to the spectacular Dolomites region of northern Italy. Join us as we describe our July 2016 travels in this geologically, linguistically, and culturally distinct area of the Italian Alps. We’ll talk about our hiking adventures, including leisurely rambles through flowery high alpine pastures, stopping for lunch at farms and refugi, as well as more challenging hiking along the first portion of the Alta Via I.  We’ll also tell you about our overnights at some refugi along with our visits to the fashionable resort town of Cortina d’Ampezzo, the lovely village of Mareson, and the bustling and beautiful city of Bolzano.

December 21st – Customer Appreciation Day! Join us for homemade cookies and hot apple cider! Thank you for shopping locally and supporting a locally owned travel store.

For more information and updates on our travel shows visit

Product of the Month

Epic HDX Suitcases

TravelOn Purses

With their classically inspired silhouettes combined with an elegant and modern twist, leather trims and antique finished brass hardware, Travelon makes some great looking bags. And they do this without sacrificing function. In fact, between the smart organization with RFID protected credit card slots, and the multitude of anti-theft features, these purses are about as functional as you can get. From slash proof straps, to a fine mesh pattern deep in the fabric of the bag, no one will be able to take your valuables from you. You can even use the locking carabiner-styled clasp to fasten your purse to your chair when you'd like to relax at a cafe or when you're having dinner at your favorite plaza. Available in several colors, styles, and sizes, they're worth checking out, whether for use in the big European cities or just in Denver.

Travel Tip of the Month

Try and test out travel gear before your trip. Maybe throw your neck pillow on one night while reading in your favorite arm chair at home to check for any leaks. Wear those new boots around town for a few days to break them in or wear your (old or new!) compression socks to work one day to make sure they are still comfortable for long periods of time. It pays to know if your things need replacing before you are on your trip, when prices triple in the airports, and some items can be hard to locate in some countries. Plus by the time you're ready to pack, you now know where all your essentials are. 

Where in the World

Can you guess this location? Email us your answer to for a chance to win a Changes in Latitude Gift Certificate!

Photo by stacey noel

Photo by stacey noel

Hint:  This site sees over 350,000 visitors a year, and is featured in the music video for “Sandstorm” by Darude.

Last Month’s Answer & Winner:  The October photo was of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. We had a lot of correct answers this month, so thanks to all who participated! The randomly selected winner this month is Jane W.  Congratulations, Jane, for winning the Changes in Latitude Gift Certificate! 

CIL Local "Faces Around the World" Contest

A local Changes in Latitude fan, Jonathan, taking in the view at Raisin Lake, Yosemite.

A local Changes in Latitude fan, Jonathan, taking in the view at Raisin Lake, Yosemite.

Take a picture of yourself wearing a Changes in Latitude hat anywhere in the world and submit it to for a chance to win! Each month we will draw a winner from the monthly submissions and YOU can win a Changes in Latitude Packing Cube  in any color or size you want! With your permission, we will add the picture and description to our new website under “CIL Faces Around the World.” Join in the fun!