Suspend reality and visit another country for the evening! Join us for our weekly travel presentations as local community members share enchanting stories, beautiful photos, and travel advice. Whether you're looking for an entertaining evening out, or inspiration for your next trip, these shows are sure to please!

Summer/ Fall 2016 Adventure Travel Program Schedule
All shows are held in the store and begin at 7:00PM  

*** Please Note! Beginning this fall, shows will now be held on Wednesdays! Except for the show on October 18th, which will be set on a Tuesday night.


September 2016

September 7th - Packing Light Clinic

Do you have a fun trip coming up? Have you never quite tackled the task of effective packing?   Join us in this fun and informational clinic on how to consolidate your trip essentials. Learning how to pack light helps to reduce unnecessary stress and really can make your trip more enjoyable!  We’ll teach you about packable fabrics, different packing methods, and travel accessories that make all the difference. Whether you’ll be traveling for a week or several months, you can learn how to pack everything you need in one convenient and organized suitcase.

September 14th - Western Greenland

Photo by Claire walter

Photo by Claire walter

Polar regions captivate with their dramatic scenery, raw nature and soul-stirring emptiness – and in some places, glimpses of the culture of native peoples who have developed skills for living in such challenging places. Greenland, the largest island on the planet, has a population of just 56,000, most of whom live in fjords along the west coast – and 14,000 of the are in Nuuk, the tiny capital. Traveling by sea is the only practical way for most visitors to see even a small portion of Greenland. Claire Walter and Ral Sandberg did just that in early spring 2016, traveling from Iceland on the ‘Sea Spirit,” a small expedition ship. It crossed the Denmark Strait and sailed around the southern tip of Greenland and then up the west coast.  

September 21st - Fall Italian Festivals

Photo by lisa vogele

Photo by lisa vogele

How often have you visited an area to discover that you have just missed a delicious food festival or a fascinating celebration of folklore? Lisa is an Italophile, festival‐lover, and travel‐addict. She is here to tell us about the many festivals of Italy, where in each region there is a festival during most months throughout the year and sometimes several during the summer. Author of "Food and Folklore: A Year of Italian festivals" and Colorado resident Lisa visits us in store to share insights, tips, and photos on how to help you “get more local” through unique food and cultural experiences.

September 28th - Pilgrim Spokes

Neil Hanson’s presentation will include images from his trek across the country, as well as insight into bicycle touring in general and ultralight touring specifically. He will make several articles on bicycle touring available for free to participants in the presentations. Neil’s newest book is Pilgrim Spokes, which tells the story of the eastern half of the trans-American bicycle trek he took, continuing the saga begun in Neil’s award-winning previous book—Pilgrim Wheels—which reconnoiters the western half of the journey.

The cross-country bicycle adventure is the canvas for his tales of discovery along the winding backroads of America’s heartland.

October 2016

October 5th - Tropical Birding: Central Mexico & Panama

Photo by dvision

Photo by dvision

This presenter traveled to two tropical destinations for birding; Mismaloya Mexico and Central Panama.  Both locations have abundant bird life and varied terrain.  The Mismaloya area south of Puerto Vallarta features a beautiful bay that has been the set for two movies, a modern resort and a great variety of tropical birds.  The Panama canal zone and Valle de Anton areas of Panama provide incredible bird habitats ranging from hot and humid jungles to the cooler high country.  Of special note is that Panama has more bird species within its small area than all of North America!  Join us for images and stories of tropical birding in both of these great locations!

October 12th - The Shikoku Pilgrimage: 750 miles around Japan

photo by paul barach

photo by paul barach

Author of Fighting Monks and Burning Mountains: Misadventures on a Buddhist Pilgrimage, Paul Barach, tells us the true story of a 750 mile hike around Japan, an unprepared office worker, and everything that went wrong along the way. He will be here to show us beautiful photos from his trip, recount his own stories, and fill us in on the fascinating history and culture of Japan.

RESCHEDULED to Tuesday, October 18th - Escaping the ordinary: The Yukon and the Arctic

In September, 2015, Stan Havlick and his wife, Margaret, ventured into the heart of the Yukon of Northern Canada. This large and pristine territory of over 186,000 square miles has a population of only 37,000 people of which 27,000 live in Whitehorse, the capitol of the Yukon. Whitehorse is also named the Wilderness City and is the home of the 1,000 mile International Sled Dog Race. Photos and topics discussed will include the magnificent Tombstone Mountain Range, Dawson City with its rich and colorful gold mining history, the tragic “Lost Patrol” of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Vuntut Gwitchin Tribal Village of Old Crow, and the beauty of the Saint Elias Mountains and Kluane National Park. Last, but not least, you will enjoy viewing the wildlife of the Arctic, the semiannual migration of the 100,000 plus caribou, and the importance of the local hunt by the natives for their sustainability in this remote region of Northern Canada. We hope you are able to join us for this extraordinary evening. Stan, who has lived or traveled on all seven continents, will also devote a portion of his program to answering your questions about the wonderful world of travel.

October 26th - No Show. 

November 2016

November 2nd - No Show.

November 9th - No Show. 

November 16th - Winter in Iceland - Again!

Yes, again.  In 2014 Charlie Anderson ventured to Iceland in February and presented a show at Changes in Latitude.  This last winter he returned to that (still) cold, wet, and windy island, spending a couple of weeks in the less-visited Eastern Fjords.  You may think he’s nuts, but come to this new show and see why the amazing scenery is worth braving the winter weather.  We’ll hike to glaciers and waterfalls, view icy rivers and windy seacoast, and put on crampons to see nature’s ice sculptures up close.  We’ll visit quaint villages and desolate lave fields, and even see some northern lights.

November 23rd - No Show. Happy Thanksgiving!

November 30th - Indescribable Peru: Lima, the Amazon, and the Highlands

photo by jack r.

photo by jack r.

How do you describe a country as diverse and contradictory as Peru?  We'll tour the coastal city of Lima, with its colonial Spanish architecture, before moving to the upper Amazon basin to spend some time in a primitive jungle setting.  From there, we'll travel to the highlands, where the Inca culture still dominates, and explore magnificent Machu Picchu, the crown jewel of Incan archaeology.  Our final destination will be Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world at 12,500 ft., where we'll visit the indigenous Peruvians who live on floating islands made of reeds

December 2016

December 7th - Italy: Hiking the Dolomites

Photo by Ruth M.

Photo by Ruth M.

Charming villages and farms, mountain huts (“refugi”) with breathtaking views, and beautiful old cities, all woven within a network of trails, await visitors to the spectacular Dolomites region of northern Italy. Join us as we describe our July 2016 travels in this geologically, linguistically, and culturally distinct area of the Italian Alps. We’ll talk about our hiking adventures, including leisurely rambles through flowery high alpine pastures, stopping for lunch at farms and refugi, as well as more challenging hiking along the first portion of the Alta Via I.  We’ll also tell you about our overnights at some refugi along with our visits to the fashionable resort town of Cortina d’Ampezzo, the lovely village of Mareson, and the bustling and beautiful city of Bolzano.

December 14th - Customer Appreciation Day! Join us for homemade cookies and hot apple cider! Thank you for shopping locally and supporting a locally owned travel store!

January 2017

January 4th - No Show

January 11th - No Show

January 18th - Adventuring in the Antarctic and Nepal

January 25th - Walking the Camino de Santiago: Spain

February 2017

February 1st - Packing Light Clinic

March 2017

March 3rd (Friday: 11am - 6pm) - Sympli the Best Spring Trunk Show!

March 4th (Saturday: 10am - 4pm) - Sympli the Best Spring Trunk Show!