Suspend reality and visit another country for the evening! Join us for our weekly travel presentations as local community members share enchanting stories, beautiful photos, and travel advice. Whether you're looking for an entertaining evening out, or inspiration for your next trip, these shows are sure to please!

Winter 2017 Adventure Travel Program Schedule

All shows are held in the store on Wednesdays and begin at 7:00PM  


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November 2017



Tantalizing Thailand

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 | 7 p.m. | Free

Photo by Michelle Maria 

Thailand has long been one of the foremost jewels of Southeast Asian travel and a great value for American travelers.  Blessed with a dizzying array of natural wonders, a welcoming society, a splendid cultural heritage, and a well established tourist infrastructure Thailand makes for a perfect first foray into Asian travel.  Join Reid Coen of Imprint Tours on a visual journey that takes in the best of Thailand’s sights and a bonus of neighboring Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  Our virtual tour will include the Buddhist temples and imperial wonders of Bangkok, the spectacular natural wonders of the Andaman coast, Thailand’s northern capital, Chiang Mai, and the World Heritage sites of Ayuthaya, Sukhothai, and Angkor Wat.   Come learn the ins and outs of travel in this gateway to Southeast Asia.

December 2017


Do you have a fun trip coming up? Have you never quite tackled the task of effective packing?   Join us in this fun and informational clinic on how to consolidate your trip essentials. Learning how to pack light helps to reduce unnecessary stress and really can make your trip more enjoyable!  We’ll teach you about packable fabrics, different packing methods, and travel accessories that make all the difference. Whether you’ll be traveling for a week or several months, you can learn how to pack everything you need in one convenient and organized suitcase.

Greek Islands

Discovering the Greek Islands

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 | 7 p.m. | Free

Photo by Michelle Maria

The stunningly picturesque Greek islands have inspired mankind back to the time of Homer.  This is nature at its most dramatic, visual best.  Deep blue and turquoise seas contrasted by dramatically rugged coastlines, plunging cliffs, golden sand beaches, isolated coves, live volcanoes, and memorable sunsets.   The human touch is equally attractive with characteristic “sugar-cube” architecture and blue-domed churches, gravity defying white-washed monasteries, photogenic windmills, crumbling fortresses, and villages that spread like white tissue paper atop hills.  History has left a footprint as well with archeological sites from ancient Greek times and crusader fortresses to be explored. Come join Reid Coen of Imprint tours on this visual “cruise” through the highlights of the Dodecanese and Cycladic islands.

December 20th – Holiday Open House!  Join us for homemade cookies and hot apple cider. There will be free gift wrapping so come in, shop and enjoy the holiday cheer with us. Thanks for shopping locally!

December 27th – No Show. Happy Holidays!

January 2018

January 3rd, 2018 - No Show, Happy New Year!


Himalaya Bound:

One Family's Quest to Save Their Animals & an Ancient Way of Life

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 | 7 p.m | Free

Featuring remarkable images of nomadic life in the jungles and mountains of north India, author and New York Times photojournalist, Michael Benanav, invites you along on a visual journey with the Van Gujjars – a tribe of forest-dwelling nomads – as they trek with their herds of water buffaloes into the Himalayas on their annual spring migration. Michael traveled with one nomadic family for 44 days, over busy roads and silent trails, across sacred rivers and high alpine passes, herding buffaloes with them, sharing their food, sleeping under their tents, and becoming much closer to them than he ever expected. He came to know his companions well – their joys and their troubles, their hopes and fears for the future, their personal dramas and their perspectives on living in balance with nature. The slide show, and Michael’s new book, Himalaya Bound: One Family’s Quest to Save Their Animals & an Ancient Way of Life, offer an intimate glimpse into a rarely seen world, an age-old culture, and the modern forces that threaten it.


Sunny Sardinia

Wednesday, January 17th 2018 l 7:00pm l Free

Photo by Cindy McClelland

Visit elegant old cities with narrow cobblestone streets and crowded plazza’s, remote mountain villages once famous for bandits and now known for colorful graffiti, and amazing historical and archaeological sites that are now UNESCO World Heritage sites dating back to 1500 B.C and the Bronze Age. Then enjoy great outdoor adventures on stunning, deserted coves and ravishing sandy beaches with exquisite turquoise seas, where you can climb sea cliffs, hike, bike, and swim, and don’t forget the great Sardinian wines and amazing Italian food. Come Join Cindy and Jimbo as they explore this magical getaway island.


How to Stay Healthy when Traveling

Wednesday, January 24th 2018 l 7:00 pm l Free

A lecture will be given by one of Boulder’s very own doctors, Patty Zishka, MD, MSPH, FAWM (fellowship academy of wilderness medicine). Patty will provide travel tips to consider to stay healthy while adventuring. Her focus will be on:  preparing medically, mentally, and physically for your upcoming trip, and the proactive prevention of common problems such as blood clots, altitude illness, malaria, and stomach bugs. She will also touch on picking travel and evacuation insurance, keeping you enthusiastic about your trip, and keeping you happy and healthy till you return home.

unnamed (1).jpg

Packing Light Clinic

Wednesday, January 31st 2018 l 7:00 pm l Free

ALWAYS think you over pack? We’re here to tell you you’re not alone. We will be holding a Packing Light Clinic given by some of our most experienced travelers who have learned the trick of the trade to packing just what you need and nothing more. We will be featuring some of the products from our store that truly make a difference to the weight and weariness of your bag. Ever thought you couldn't travel for three weeks with just a carry-on? Think again, it’s not only possible but encouraged!

February 7th -Brazil & the Fernando De Noranha Islands. More details coming soon!

February 21st  - Barge Trip in Holland. More details coming soon!


Sympli the Best Spring 2018 Trunk Show!

Order your favorite and all new styles in Spring 2018 colors. Refreshments will be served!

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018. 


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