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April 19th: 7pm - The Swiss Alps: Berner Overland & the Haute Route

Photo by Greg H.

Photo by Greg H.

Come visit some of the most iconic mountains in Europe. You don’t have to be a technical climber to enjoy the magnificent Swiss Alps. We will begin this journey with some easy day hikes near the famous Eiger and Jungfrau mountains in the Berner Overland, and finish with a two-week trek on the “Haute Route” from Mount Blanc to the Matterhorn. This is a trip for those who love charming alpine meadows and villages settled below some of the earth’s most magnificent peaks and glaciers.

April 26th - Exploring Sicily



Sicily, the largest Mediterranean Sea Island, sports a history of 4,000 years and is a melting pot of cultures given its central position as a crossroad of trade between Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Join Ronnie and Allan Gerard as they reminisce their 21 day sampling of the variety of topology, towns and cities plus the ancient ruins of Sicily…Camera in hand.

The ancient ruins are admittedly among the world’s top, not to detract from Sicily’s friendly people. These folk are solidly Italian but with a complex mix of ethnic cultures resulting from the continuous eras of change of ownership. Ruins span 800 years from early Greek, Roman and even earlier Carthaginian eras. Cathedrals dot the landscape and we agree with the UN that some are world gems; e.g. The Norman Era ‘Palatine Chapel’ in Palermo.

Sicily’s image as the headquarters of the Mafia is belied by the friendliness of people, the great food from pasta, pizza and sea food. Do not underestimate the Gelato (Oh my gosh!).

The totgraphy is varied with wonderful sparkling blue waters and beaches, hikes to ‘Etna’ the still active volcano, medieval mountain-top towns, and appealing cities. We found wonderful places to stay with helpful, delightful staff. The sun, soil, and periodic volcanic enrichment produce world class fruits, lemons and veggies.

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Featured Product: Accessories!  

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This month we’re all about accessories – dress up your current style for a new look. From beautiful hand crafted German scarves to pendants and earrings handmade and designed by a local Colorado artist, we have a many unique, one-of-a-kind items to beautify and enhance your favorite outfits.