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May 24th - Discovering Colombia, South America

Photo by Cindy mcclelland

Photo by Cindy mcclelland

Why go to Colombia? What is the attraction? Is it safe? The Colombia of today is one of the most dynamic and fast growing economies in Latin America. The years of violence and instability are largely a thing of the past. Colombia today is a safer place, though never a place where safety should be taken for granted.

So let us tell you of our fantastic experience in Colombia. We’ll stay in Bogota, the capital, which is described to be Colombia’s beating heart and what we found to be the enchanting area of La Candelaria. We then fly to Medellin, which is located in a valley surrounded by mountains as if the city is reaching for the heavens. Next, it is off to the old world charm of Cartagena as we wind back the clock 400 years to experience life in the old, walled city. It is fantastic and beautiful and we loved this city. Don’t miss the history or the charm of Cartagena.

The last leg of our trip was to go north to Santa Marta, for sun, sand, beaches, good food, relaxing, and hiking in Tayrona National Park, where you realize just how good life can be. Join us for a fun and enlightening trip to discover Colombia! 

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