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At Changes in Latitude travel is our passion, and it's our goal to enhance your travel experiences by providing top quality travel products and unparalleled customer service. Stop in to our one-of-a-kind travel boutique to discover the latest in travel trends, or enjoy one of our travel programs. We look forward to seeing you!

   Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, November 16th, 7:00pm - 8:00pm: Winter in Iceland - Again!

Photo by Charlie anderson

Photo by Charlie anderson

Yes, again.  In 2014 Charlie Anderson ventured to Iceland in February and presented a show at Changes in Latitude.  This last winter he returned to that (still) cold, wet, and windy island, spending a couple of weeks in the less-visited Eastern Fjords.  You may think he’s nuts, but come to this new show and see why the amazing scenery is worth braving the winter weather.  We’ll hike to glaciers and waterfalls, view icy rivers and windy seacoast, and put on crampons to see nature’s ice sculptures up close.  We’ll visit quaint villages and desolate lava fields, and even see some northern lights.

To see our Summer/ Fall 2016 show schedule click here

Featured Product: Exofficio FlyQ Lite Vest   

The perks of a good vest are endless. The problem is finding the perfect one, so let us suggest one of our favorites. Exofficio’s FlyQ Lite Vest features an innovative Travel Pocket System that is fully labelled to keep you organized, including pockets for your IDs, keys, travel documents, touchscreen gadgets, water bottles, and more. This Pocket System not only helps you carry more around, but also ensures your valuables and belongings stay in your pockets, rather than anyone else’s! This rather stylish vest is also water resistant to protect against light precipitation and spills, keeping you dry and comfortable. With a UPF rating of 50+ and extra hidden pockets in the front and the back of the vest, it is easy to see why so many people are taking these on their trips (they especially make airports a breeze, or at least as much of a breeze as air travel can be!).  Available in both Men’s and Women’s in Charcoal and Khaki.